Location: Located on the Ooty – Emerald Lake road, this resort is nestled in the slopes of the hills surrounding the Emerald Lake. It commands a great view of the valley and is far far away from the maddening crowd of Ooty proper.

Accessibility:  A 15 km drive from Ooty  city center to the resort through picturesque winding roads, having your own transport will work to your advantage. Roads are good and doable in any kind of vehicle.

Sunset from avalanche road – few kms from the resort

Rooms: Rooms are simple, cozy & clean with comfortable beds,having great views from the room windows/balconies. Rooms are split between the main house and the annex.

Food & Dining: In April 2016,when we were there, they had a small dining area in the main house which served scrumptious  Indian food and excellent coffee & onion pakodas. Food is not exorbitantly priced but that could change with the opening of their new multi cuisine restaurant which was under construction,then.

Service & Hospitality: Was top notch and they ensured that even smallest of requests were taken care of. There were delays on a couple of occasions but they communicated about it in advance and ensured that you are not left in a lurch.

View from the resort

Activities: They  have bicycles which can be used to explore the hill sides and an air gun ,for target practice. We didn’t get a chance to go on the plantation walk.
Bonfire is provided on request. Even in April, the nights were cold enough to warrant the bonfire,which we sat around under the starry sky. They also arrange for two- wheelers which can be rented out.

Overall: If you looking for a quiet weekend getaway in the hills with some good food and lovely vistas, then this is the one for you.

Sunrise from the resort