Inspiration for this blog – Sights and sites that we experience on our road trips , documented for posterity.

Why the weird name? – ‘Oor Sutoona ba’ in Kannada roughly translates into ‘lets go roaming’. Well, the colloquial context is lost in translation!! But hey ,take our word for it, it is a fun way to say “Let’s go road tripping”!

Who are we?

  • Dumma – A lazy bangalorean who loves his masala dose, puliyogare and driving on the highways.
  • Dummi –  Filter coffee, Camera, Family, Fun,Food & Books – her priorities in life.
  • Duplicate – Hyperactive 5 year old who prefers break over make.
  • Dwarf – Our faithful companion on road trips – a Mahindra TUV 300
Our Dwarf


What we will share – Will primarily focus on sights, sites, routes, stay, food & maybe some random contemplation about the universe and then some.

Thanks for reading! Do spread the word if you read something that you like!

Oor sutoona ba!