Let me take you into the dreams of a little boy from the plains…
Tired of muddy streets and dreary drains,
He dreamed of tall pines and grassy vales!

Tea gardens on the way to Emerald lake, Ooty


It always began with a leaking faucet,
where every drop was a step closer, to waking up and not being any wiser.
He had to hurry before the sun sets and walk through the door in the hidden closet!

The gentlemen’s lounge – Fernhill Palace, Ooty


And down the passage that smells of wood-smoke,
he would slowly walk to find himself in the hall…
And his head would spin like a little top, when he looked down from the top!

The main hall – Fernhill Palace, Ooty

“Hurry up! Hurry up!” croaked the old fireplace…
“the coalman waits not, for those who are late!”
And so he ran through the fernhill, in search of the coalman who bends to no other will!

Driveway to Fernhill Palace, Ooty


Huffing and puffing he ran through dusk,
Hoping against hope that he will find what he must.
The colours around him begin to fade, sun & shade slowly begin to fade!

Sunset overlooking Emerald & Avalanche lake, Ooty


Sunset overlooking Emerald & Avalanche lake, Ooty


At  last in the lost lane, he did find the place,
where everyone waits for the coalman and his spade…
Many a face is bored and tired, while the young boy sits stills with unbridled joy,
Nary a breath does he want to take, afraid he will wake up in his dreary drain!
And then,with a shrill whistle and a quiet puff, the coalman roared “All aboard!”

Coonor Station – Waiting for the journey to begin


Old & Beautiful steam Loco at Coonor


And finally it began, his journey across lands…
In search of a place where dusk and dawn meet,
Where tall pines and tea leaves  greet,
Where green love only grows and doesn’t retreat!

Tea Gardens on the way to Gudalur


Sunset in the Hills near Western Valley Resort, Ooty


Ninja love at Lovedale


Into the setting sun the coalman rode, racing against the wind & rain..
Wide awake the little boy sat, scanning the horizon to catch a glimpse,
of rolling hills cloaked in misty silence,
of green vales bathed is dew,
of mended fences that healed broken men,
of forgotten spaces that none called home!

Sunset in the Hills near Western Valley Resort, Ooty

In the blink of an eye, darkness faded
The coalman was gone, along with the dreary and jaded.
And as the little boy watched the sun rise,
He saw a place that he could call home!

Sunrise at Western Valley Resort, Ooty


And a little bird did sing for joy,
For there is nothing little about dreams of the little boy.
Some old men are still little boys,
Even if they don’t walk, they still know the joy!

Western valley resort, Ooty


The little boy did spend many a day, walking down paths where time held no sway,
Away from the streets and dreary drains,
He had found a little space under the clouds,
Where mist and rain danced every day!

Western valley resort, Ooty


Like dawn and dusk define the day, light and dark always will play,
A dream is but a dream from which you will awake..
But like the little boy, some journeys you cannot forget,
Even if  for just a moment, in your busy day, close your eyes and dream away!

Sunset near Emerald Lake,Ooty



Ooty has always been this mystical hill station that beckons hoards of tourists, during the hot sweaty summer. The heat in Bangalore this year was unbearable and we decided to head to the hills. Both AB & I were sure about not doing the usual “tourist musts”. Thus began on search for a place that is hidden in the hills and after some research on Team BHP,  realized that the Emerald lake/Avalanche area is THE place for us!
Stumbled upon Western Valley Resorts on Gmaps and after a quick check on Tripadvisor, decided to book it.It’s a great place to spend theholiday at, soaking in the sight of the hills and enjoying some simple but delicious food.