There are small pockets of peace and quiet, hidden away amidst the din and clamour of human existence. From the outside, they seem to be just another place but once you enter the space, you can feel yourself reacting to the careful assembly of various elements that lead to a distinct experience. The thought, attention and care that has gone into creating these pockets of quiet needs to be appreciated. Niruttara is one such pocket of peace and quiet, that is hidden on the banks of harangi river, just a few kms from Suntikoppa.

The view from the parking area ensures that all your attention is focused on the small stretch of river that is seen through the doorway. A few steps into the lounge area and viola, aquamarine blue of the pool contrasts against lush green on the river banks. The well placed sit-out area ensured that almost all of our waking moments were spent lounging around the pool.

On the whole, food is tasty local coorgi cusine that is served. Appu the cook ensures that food is served hot, standout dish was the puri and alu sagu that we ate. They do ask you for your inputs on spice levels, dish preferences etc. and you need to be very clear if you want specific dishes at specific times. Would also recommend the black tea if you are not a coffee fan.

Sitting by the river, sipping hot coffee and listening to the chirps and twitter from different birds was the perfect start to the day. Idyllic – would be the word that I would use to describe the experience and even that doesn’t capture the essence of the experience. We did nothing but unwind and relax for 48 hours that we had at our disposal. Mother nature decided to treat us with exceptional sunset hues on 3rd Oct and we just lapped it up.

On the whole, the entire experience at Niruttara is a big thumbs up and when we were walking back to our cars, we were already contemplating the best time to return here 🙂

Route and Road Conditions

Onward Journey: Nelamangala – CR Patna – Arkalgud – Somwarpete – Niruttara. We managed to start at 6.30 am and the traffic till CR Patna was pretty heavy. Post that it was a different world and we managed to make good time.

Return Journey: Suntikoppa – Srirangapatna – Nagamangala – Nelamanga and once again we made good time and reach home before sunset after a couple of breaks for lunch and coffee.