Banashankari Temple

Located 5 kms from Badami on the road to Rona, this Maratha style temple, dedicated to Banashankari devi is a popular pilgrimage among locals. While the temple is quite small, what stands out is the lamp tower on the outer walls of the temple tank and the structure encircling the tank.

Lamp Tower – Banashankari Temple, Badami

Mahakuta Temples

Located 14 kms from Badami, this temple complex is also know as Dakshina Kashi (mentioned on the entrance arch when you turn off from Badami – Pattadakal Road). This early chalukyan temple (probaly built during the rule of Pulakeshin I) is fed by a natural spring, which is usualy used as a swimming pool by visiting youngsters.

Mahakuta Temples near Badami

The tank known as Vishnu Pushkarni has a small mantapa with a 4 faced shiva linga.

4 Faced Shiva Linga – Mahakuta Temple, Badami

The temples themselves are in a dilapidated state with locals using various parts of the temple for cooking & consuming food. Having said that, the green surroundings come as a surprise when compared to the lack of foliage around Badami. If you are lucky, you might just get to enjoy the peace and quiet of the place without a tank full of screaming kids.

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