Probably the most picturesque and most photographed location in all of Badami, the Bhuthanatha temple complex comprises of multiple places of interest. The biggest being the main Buthanatha temple that sits right in the middle of the horse shoe shaped canyon with the red sandstone cliffs watching guard and the green waters of Agasthya Theertha lake providing contrast.

Main Bhuthanatha Temple – Badami

The temple walls and interiors are very plain when compared to others from a similar time period but the serenity of the place needs to be experienced. There is no better time than a sunset as the the rays of the setting sun light up the temple and the cliffs.

Sunset at Bhuthanatha temple – Badami

The smaller group of temples on the way to the main temple are called the North Bhuthanatha group, which were built in the 11th – 12th century. You can also visit the Kappe Arabhatta insription.

North Bhuthanatha Group on the left – Badami

Behind the main Bhuthanatha temple, the path first takes you to a set of hindu deities carved on the rock and once you walk around the huge boulder, you then see this small doorway on your right, inside which is a well preserved carving of Lord Vishnu in Ananthasayana pose. Walking further down the path, you see a very small opening in the rock, which is covered with a metal gate. You need to really bend down and shuffle into the cave to view the carving of  Budbha in Abhaya Mudra pose.

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