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Badami – Stay & Food Options

Stay – Heritage Resort Badami

Heritage Resorts – Badami
  • Comes with car parking.
  • Rooms are spacious, clean and comfortable.
  • Food is good but Breakfast might be an issue. They do not serve breakfast till 8 am – not even tea/coffee. We made the mistake of waiting for breakfast and then heading out on day 1 and the heat sapped us out by 11 am.
  • Lunch is a fixed thali with roti, rice & north karnataka food.Dinner is a la carte with a decent spred of dishes.
  • Has guide books on Badami, Pattadakal & Aihole, which in-house can borrow.
  • Good view of Sunrise and sunset as its away from the main town and quiet peaceful
  • Overall a decent place to consider for stay, as long as you can manage breakfast elsewhere.
Sunset from Heritage resort, Badami

Other stay options that I observed while driving through town –

  • Clarks Inn – Right in the middle of town & hence easy to reach if you dont have own transport.
  • Hotel Badami Court – Further away from town but looks very neat & clean from the outside.

Food Options

  • Clarks Inn – We had breakfast here and it was overpriced and not great. Not sure about lunch/dinner but would not reccomend Clarks for breakfast.
  • Udupi Ananda Bhavan – We had breakfast here and the Idli, Upma and Coffee was really good.

Other Small Details

  • Don’t try to cover Badami, Pattadakal & Aihole in a day. You will never get to see all that there is to.
  • Do some light reading before you visit, you will be able to relate to what your guide is telling you (if you hire a guide).
  • Don’t hire small kids as guides in Aihole. Their knowledge is very limited and they are out to make a fast buck.
  • Dont drive around in Badami. Apart from the main road, most roads are narrow and even small cars can get stuck as you will have vehicles coming from the other end.Rickshaws are a good option instead. Our rickshaw was driven by Khajii and he was quite reasonable with cost and was flexible with time as well. He can be reached on 90080 58145.
  • Start early to avoid the heat – especially if you plan to go to Pattadakal & Aihole, both these  have no shelters from the sun.
  • Watch out for monkeys in Badami as they seem to be everywhere and can get rather agressive.
  • Do eat the Butti Oota – lunch from the basket, which local ladies carry around at Pattadakal. We did not try it but reviews,online and otherwise,rave about it.
  • If you like shopping for antique nick nacks, there are a lot of shops on the road to Banashankari temple which sell vessels. Try them and you will surely find something that interests you.
  • Dont miss the sunset at Bhuthnatha temple. Officially the temple closes at 6 PM and the security will start driving out people. A little pleading with them and they let you watch the sunset before shooing you out.
Sunset – Bhuthanatha Temple, Badami
  • The museum closes at 6 pm, it doesn’t mean that the trek path is closed. I would suggest that you catch sunset from the lower shivalaya or the twin towers and then quickly make your way down before it becomes completely dark.
  • Women can shop for Ilkal sarees, which are supposedly famous in Bagalkot. Shri Siddalingeswar Javali & Cloth stores in the main bazaar is quite famous, with locals and tourists alike. When we went there, there were 20 odd women from bride & bridegrooms side shopping for a wedding!
  • Mahakuta – Walk up all the way to the top of the entrance and check out the sentries.They supposedly are very unique and we missed this.
  • Try not to the miss the view from top of Megutti hill in Aihole. If you can get there for sunrise or sunset, even better.
  • Badami is a very small town and hence not sure what kind of medication and aid is available. Do ensure that you carry all the medicine that you might need.
  • None of the petrol pumps in Badami had a working air pump. Not sure how or where locals manage to fill air as I visited 3 of them and none of them had working air pump.
  • Aug – October is supposedly the best time to visit as surroundings are greener and the heat is lot lesser.
  • Don’t expect the architecture and stone work to be similar to various hoysala temples. This is where stone work probably started. Badami & Aihole were probably the testing labs for future mastery.
  • The night sky is beautiful, especially when you move out of town and all the light pollution drops.
  • Check out the 2 Rs water dispenser in town – 20 ltrs of filtered water for 2 Rs
Red Dwarf & Red Sandstone Cliffs of Badami

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This is a sub post in the Explore Badami post. Please do read the main post for more information.