Bangalore – Badami

Option 1

  • Bangalore – Hubli: usual 4L roads
  • Hubli – Nargund – Kulgeri: Good 2 lane roads
  • Kulgeri – Badami: 4L in progress and hence the road is in shambles. Takes almost 40 min to cover 22 odd kms


Option 2

  • Bangalore – Hubli: usual 4L roads
  • Hubli – Gadag – Rona: Good 2L roads
  • Rona – Badami: Good 2L road

Option 3

  • Bangalore – Bankapur: usual 4L roads
  • Bankapur – Lakshmeswar – Gadag – Rona – Badami: Good 2L roads

You could try the above route if you are bored with 4 lane driving and want to drive on some good 2L roads through windfarms.

Given the current road conditions, Bangalore – Hubli – Gadag – Rona – Badami would be the ideal route to take.

Suggested Pit Stops

In and Around Badami

Inside Badami

  • North fort trek & Bhuthanatha Temples: Extremely narrow road which passes through vegetable market. We made the mistake of driving though this on the first day to get to Bhuthanatha temple and decided not to do the same again. Please hire a rickshaw or walk up from the main road.
  • Malegitti Shivalaya: Did not take the road to get here but it again looks like a small town road on maps and from the upper reaches of the fort. Best bet would be to hire a rick or walk up the road.
  • South Fort & Caves: You can easily drive up to the parking lot in front of the caves but you will have monkeys- playing, scratching, crapping & dancing on your car in the parking lot.

Around Badami

  • Badami – Pattadakal: Good 2L road almost all the way
  • Pattadakal – Aihole: 4L in progress in some sections but in general the road is nothing great and you need to drive with utmost care
  • Badami – Mahakuta: You need to take the Pattadakl road and then take a right at the archway to get to Mahakuta. Good roads all the way trough but do watch-out for unmarked speed breakers once you take the right at the arch
  • Mahakuta – Banashankari: Good 2L road with stretches of green fields on either side. Was a treat to drive on!


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